Zeen's water purification systems are
distinctly designed to provide the purest
still and sparkling water for restaurants,
lounges, spas, hotels, ­theatres, corporate
suites and events...


Detailed consideration for the needs & demands of
the service industry define our product.
The Zeen machine is more efficient and less expensive than ordering, shipping, lifting and storing bottled water allowing for substantially increased profit margins.


Zeen produces the freshest, purest still and sparkling water available. Our reusable bottles and purification systems are designed and manufactured in Italy.

Watermatic, our parent company is the ­leading POU water purification provider with over 6,000 systems in the marketplace. ­Innovation is our passion and we design state-of-the-art equipment.


Supporting the choice that supports the globe is
a reflection on you. When it comes to the Go Green Initiative, we're all at different levels of awareness
and action. Let Zeen be your next contribution
toward going green.


Our unique service guarantee is ­unparalleled.
We commit to same day service for your
Zeen ­machine.